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simonetta + botticelli.


Spoiler: This is going to require like, a four piece series on Botticelli because I have just learned TOO MUCH and I need to break it all down.

So. some quick facts:

1. Sandro Botticelli was a wicked Florentine painter best known for careless, lost gazes under incredible hair.

2. His main squeeze muse was a chick named Simonette, who was apparently a bonafide babe (see above). And like every sad romantic movie, she was totally unavailable and floated miles outta Botticelli’s league (she married a distant cousin of cartographer Amerigo Vespucci).

3. Renaissance painters were cool, yet essential, additions to the royal courts…think of the kids that’d make your group project look super awesome while still being able to party. They were responsible for producing commissioned works by patrons, either royals/dignitaries/super rich folk that wanted to look good and pious in a public realm.

I mention all this because Simonetta died in 1476. Does she look familiar?! She’s just about every gf Botticelli painted, including Venus in The Birth of Venus. (Note: Scholarship LOVES to argue just who modeled for what, but it is what it is). Botticelli asked to be buried at her feet, and WAS (!!!), almost 40 years later, in 1510….so yeah, Imma go with he painted her a lot.

Like, boo, Botticelli, come on! My heart goes out to you like this Saint Augustine guy’s.

all of the monets

monet haystack

In about a year and a half, Monet painted more than thirty paintings of haystacks. He basically wrote his friend Gustave, “The struggle is real” about following the sun around his French pasture. He exhibited Haystacks as a series for the first time in 1891.

30 years ago, Monet’s “Haystack in the Fog” went up for auction, and went for 2.2 million (about 4.8 today). That’s a solid 1,600 times what it was originally sold for in 1982, when Harris Whittemore snatched it up while on his honeymoon. His father wrote:

“Should you make the purchase, we will have more of the Monets than I think we will care for, but it strikes me we can sell some of those we now have, and thereby greatly improve our collection.”

Righteous, Harris. I’m all about flashing that disposable income on vacation.


monet ship

Spanish street artist Pejac recreates Monet’s Impression, Sunrise from 1872, on a rusted ship.

Monet said of the work,

Landscape is nothing but an impression, and an instantaneous one, hence this label that was given us, by the way because of me. They asked me for a title for the catalogue, it couldn’t really be taken for a view of Le Havre, and I said: ‘Put Impression.'”

During the first exhibition of the soon-to-be-called Impressionists, art critic Louis Leroy commented,

“Impression– I was certain of it. I was just telling myself that, since I was impressed, there had to be some impression in it — and what freedom, what ease of workmanship! Wallpaper in its embryonic state is more finished than this seascape.

The lesson being, I need to start using embryonic more often.


jack dawson vs. monet


ABCfamily gave the gift of Titanic to primetime television earlier this week, and I forgot how much art Rose has! Like that diamond isn’t enough?! Girlfriend, your mom talks about how your family be broke and yet you’re sitting on all those paintings that weren’t actually on that boat!

I love the part of the movie when Jack’s drawing Rose, and she calls him out for blushing. “I can’t imagine Monsieur Monet blushing.”

Oh, Rose.

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Manet’s Monets


Manet painting Monet’s family. Say THAT five times fast. Also, I really need to venture out in a full skirt and bonnet to enjoy a leisurely Saturday with chickens. I need that like I need another Anthropologie dress, so that’s actually a goal today.

Anthro members save 15% today, so this goal’s quickly turning into a reality…now about that poultry…

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iggy, clueless, monet

If you haven’t been living under a ROCK or aren’t a fan of DWTS (which, if not, stop reading this), you’ve heard the Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” video is a complete Clueless remake. Which, go with me on this, can FULLY connect to my art-meet-quirky-pop-culture perspective.



Monet’s “Rouen Cathedral” — ”Far away, it’s okay”:

Monet’s “Rouen Cathedral,” detail — big old mess:


Happy Friday, everyone.


A Basquiat print is available off Wayfair. Thoughts?

It’s so beautiful, but I feel like he’d be legit “what in the fresh hell?” regarding the print being printed on a wrapped canvas in a variety of square-shaped dimensions.

women in the garden


Claude Monet’s Women in the Garden nearly stopped me in my tracks at the National Gallery this past weekend. Holy moly, this work is sensational on so many levels.

WITG was painted in 1866. All of the women in the work were modeled by his partnere Camille. Monet submitted the work for the 1867 Salon exhibition, where it was rejected. Apparently, Salon critics were SUPER AGAINST its abundance of visible brushstrokes and lack of narrative: One juror even said:

“Too many young people think of nothing but continuing in this abominable direction. It is high time to protect them and save art!”

Reminds me of that moment in SATC:


I get it. Monet was like, 26, at the time… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

With its rejection, Monet turned to his friend Bazille who purchased the work for 2,500 francs (approx. $3M today), to be paid in installments. Scholarship suggests he was inspired by such a large work that he created his own, The Family Reunion, below.


Thoughhhh this work is creepy enough to deserve its own post later this week.

um, ‘scuse me.



Good God Almighty, I’m into just about every thing about this man. The style, the facial hair, the dog?!

I’m telling you, I’LL EVEN TAKE THE PARASOL.

Monet, hook a girl uppppp.

lemme check.


When some date’s like, “Oh, I’m totally around tomorrow. And the day after that. Probably the weekend…really, I’m just available.”

Time to ghost.