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bardot and picasso



Bridgette Bardot visited Picasso’s Cannes studio in 1956. He never painted her, but said he liked her ponytail style. I’m about that dress though.

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Pablo Picasso - Madame Picasso, 1923

Picasso’s Madame Picasso was bequeathed to the National Gallery in 1983 as a part of the Chester Dale Collection.

Dale purchased the painting from Paul Rosenberg in 1930, a prominent art dealer who worked closely with Picasso and Georges Braque. Dale lived in the Plaza Hotel. Here’s hoping that every transaction ended with, “Credit Card? You’ve got it,” and that he spent $967 on room service on THE REG.

Chester Dale

Who’s living the life better — Chester Dale or Kevin McCallister? Tough call. Really tough call.

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hidden picasso

It surfaced (resurfaced?) in the news earlier this week that the Phillips Collection performed some infrared scans on Picasso’s “The Blue Room” and found another painting of a man underneath it.

People are so excited about finding this work. I feel like all of the art world is like, “Picasso repeating a canvas?! No WAY.”

Please, you know who the real hero is for repeating a look? KATE MIDDLETON. That girl can rock a Zara or McQueen frock like no one I know.

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oh me, oh may.


A lot of people disliked May Milton, a dancer featured in this lithograph by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (the IMA website reports she was “short on talent and physical beauty”…ouch).

Fortunately for May, however, a private collector in Indiana inherited this particular lithograph in 1978. (Note: a lithograph is a painting made on a flat limestone surface…there’s a lot of ink-and-water-repelling-positive-and-negative-space-type conversations to have, but all you really need to know is paint’s repelled throughout the surface and makes a print, and water clears the rest.)

Anyway, the print that you see here is a version of one featured in Picasso’s “The Blue Room” from 1901. This one has since been restored and is in private hands. Lucky bastards. Like, I can barely justify flights to my best friend’s wedding, and these people are just waving money and Lautrec work around like it’s nothing.

femme assise


Picasso’s Femme Assise spent the last four decades in private hands, and yet went on to be one of the most significant auction items from Sotheby’s items of 2016.


Really? Because I’ve been about the fat-face-beady-eye-pursed lips look since about Christmas, and it’s not a good look. Spring Break diet starts like, three days ago.



Picasso’s baby mama Françoise Gilot painted this portrait of Genevieve Laporte, his later girlfriend.

Super awkward, right?

Though I am a major fan of this turtleneck/layered necklace look, even if she seems a teensy bit like Judy Jetson.

girls on the bridge


During Sotheby’s Munch sale last night, Girls on the Bridge sold for $54 million. This baby price tag makes is the second most expensive Munch work, after The Scream fetched just under $120 millz.

Impress friends: The Scream set the record of being the most expensive painting ever sold at auction, which has now been broken four times. (Picasso’s Women of Algiers takes the cake on that from its sale last year.)


Picasso was a rather significant procrastinator when he started painting Guernica in 1937. It was commissioned for the World’s Fair (held that year in Paris), but started it like, three weeks before the exhibition was scheduled to open. Three weeks, Pablo!? OH MAN. All my greatest papers were always started the night before.

Things you might not know, but will be glad to when I tell ya:

  • Picasso included another version that had color (including a sad—yet probably captivating—red tear from the crying woman),
  • Germany’s recommendation of the piece was not positive (in fact, it was compared to work a four year old could accomplish),
  • Picasso doesn’t give a damn about interpreting the elements or composition.
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just 12.


This girl’s 12 tattoos away from looking just like me on a casual Saturday night. Well, my eyebrow game is better, and I’m not that showy about that cleave…but hell, it’s almost my birthday, so why not.

What’s awesome is that Amedeo Modigliani was an exclusive bastard in Paris, and hung out with the likes of Picasso and Diego Rivera. Ugh, gross, there’d be just them and me left in the world and I’d still swipe left on that.

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oath of silence


Please God, don’t say a word to me until it’s 5pm Friday. Don’t say a single word.

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