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Sofanisba Anguissola is a bad B. Like, legit, she was a successful woman painter before it was even a thing. “Chess Game” is from 1555, and shows one of her sisters absolutely schooling another one in chess.

Anguissola gives a series of eff yous to all her haters:
– She incorporates an idealistic landscape in the background versus a limiting indoor tavern shot. Boom.
She makes her sister look directly at the viewer, which is, like, the most suggestive and powerful thing ever.
– The embellished fabric shows they not only have brains to burn, but money as well.

Also, how amazing is the gleeful look on her youngest sister? I feel that way about avoiding all my work today at the office to surf BuzzFeed style articles instead.

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Sofanisba Anguissola painted this portrait of one of her mentors, Bernardino Campi, painting her portrait. Notice how much bigger she is and the controlling mahl stick he uses? Those both serve as sixteenth-century zingers, suggesting total girl power.