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kent bellows

Tumultuous tapestries, wine on as an entrée, this brooding look with a loose tie?! Kent Bellows is embracing every single thing I feel about the day after Thanksgiving.

paper dolls

pollock doll

Does this Jackson Pollock paper doll also come with the wrecked car from the accident that killed him and his girlfriend’s friend? I see the whiskey bottle and lowball glass, so I appreciate the artist’s use of foreshadowing.


More importantly, like how hot does Frida look as a paper doll?!

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freedom from want

rockwell thanksgiving

“Our cook cooked it, I painted it and we ate it. That was one of the few times I’ve ever eaten the model.” – Norman Rockwell

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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artful meals

This article highlights what would happen to a Thanksgiving dinner plate if your family’s crazy Uncle Jerry was actually Mondrian, van Gogh, or Pollock. Good!, because I’m all about playing with my food.






Georges Seurat




Picasso / the one I’ll be recreating.

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more like hot-icelli

botticelli hair 1 botticelli hair


Ladies, we’ve been doing it wrong! Let’s bring back hair braids that wrap around our bodies and chokers that are actually entwined with our updo! Don’t think I don’t see those pearls in those middle parts either.

Paired with messy ends and minimal make up? I think we’ve found the new perfect brunch look.




Sometimes art is a table that’s so overdone with decorations, you don’t actually have space for food. Which is fine with me because I REFUSE to size up on Rent the Runway (I don’t care if it’s a free option!).

I found this image after looking up “thanksgiving table,” and Google laughed in my face with these two related searches: thanksgiving tablescapes and modern thanksgiving tablescapes. Wonder what’ll happen if I look up “table settings?”


blessed ludovica

bernini marble ludovica

Bernini’s always doing too much. I mean, really. This funerary monument is for a pious Ludovica Albertoni. And just look at her. Give it up for Bernini — watch him do the most.
Read, “ooh,” and “ahh” to Bernini’s other works here and here.


silver car crash

silver car crash

What do you think of when you think of Andy Warhol? Bright portraits of Marilyn Monroe? Soup cans, perhaps? Right. ME TOO. And yet this painting of a car crash is the most expensive Warhol painting, sold at auction for $104.5 million last year!

Just when I think I know everything about the art market. YEESH.


francis bacon

francis bacon

This triptych of Lucien Freud, painted by Francis Bacon, is the most expensive painting ever sold at auction (if you avoid inflation). One hundred forty million dollars. That’s seven zeroes.

If you can genuinely explain to me why this has the highest price tag ever paid at auction, that’d be swell. If you can introduce me to the person who paid for it, I’m gonna need to prepare myself for putting the work in. Because if you have 140 million to throw at a bad set of paintings….I’d like to introduce myself.

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i’m so crown


Consider this added to my “W1$HL1ST” email that’s sitting in my Draft folder to my parents.