Monthly Archives: November 2017

say cheese


How fantastic is this painting of a grilled cheese?

In the grass?

On a sunny day?!

I mean, I’m *this* close to putting up my Christmas tree, but this has me pining for summer.


Nothing really suggests any sort of joy exuded from either woman. And let’s be honest, I expect nothing less when it comes to being a forced subject of Paul Gauguin’s.

The man is simply intolerable.

at the races.jpg

Edgar Degas takes me an ideal Saturday afternoon with his composition At the Races.

No, I’m joking. I wrote that before I started doing all this research. Spending time watching someone else nurse my child seems SUPER STRANGE. And I could not be FURTHER FROM PARENTHOOD RN.


Roy Lichtenstein really nailed my steady stream of tears scrolling through cute puppies, triple-layer cakes I can’t bake, and cute couples walking hand-in-hand before becoming swept up in a warm embrace.

Just kidding, my nails are never done, nor is my lip color! I’m charging my phone, sitting on the edge of my bed in a towel, 20 minutes behind plans, just like every other basic chick.

sink your keith into.


I need a tomato slice, or swiss and mushrooms, on this bad boy before I call it dinner, but DANG!, this looks delicious right now.

That and I’ve eaten about 4 pounds of Milky Way minis since Tuesday night…needin’ some meats!