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ask for a fren

Pray tell, does anyone else spend quality quarter-hour increments looking up sentimental quotes in nostalgic hues that match their covered bridge paintings…or is it just me.

Call it a procrasfternoon.

time like.

Dear God, Trump…just GO ALREADY.

icy university

i have genuinely learned more from Saweetie in the last 20 minutes than college econ.

link here.

tippi hedren

Tippi Hedren in "The Birds" (1963) by Alfred Hitchcock • • #tippihedren  #alfredhitchcock #hitchcock #thebirds … | Tippi hedren, The birds movie,  The birds hitchcock
tippi hedren nails - Google Search | Tippi hedren, Hitchcock, Alfred  hitchcock
60s nail | Vintage nails, Tippi hedren, Manicure

Tippi’s nails look good with a t on the end. What color is this?! This shape!!! I can’t get enough.

2021, a year in a week.

well hello.

WHAT A WEEK. Year? Both?! Sure. Feel what feels good, go there.

which leads me back here to this blog where i hoped to fight off being a snacc with snark.

lolz, i told yuuuu: feel what feels good.