and the best goes to

Do you ever throw your own confetti of to-do lists you’ve torn up, filled with undone tasks?!

Same. Cuz like, u did 1…I think I should get a bye week, yeah? Crown too.

ask for a fren

Pray tell, does anyone else spend quality quarter-hour increments looking up sentimental quotes in nostalgic hues that match their covered bridge paintings…or is it just me.

Call it a procrasfternoon.

time like.

Dear God, Trump…just GO ALREADY.

icy university

i have genuinely learned more from Saweetie in the last 20 minutes than college econ.

link here.

tippi hedren

Tippi Hedren in "The Birds" (1963) by Alfred Hitchcock • • #tippihedren  #alfredhitchcock #hitchcock #thebirds … | Tippi hedren, The birds movie,  The birds hitchcock
tippi hedren nails - Google Search | Tippi hedren, Hitchcock, Alfred  hitchcock
60s nail | Vintage nails, Tippi hedren, Manicure

Tippi’s nails look good with a t on the end. What color is this?! This shape!!! I can’t get enough.

2021, a year in a week.

well hello.

WHAT A WEEK. Year? Both?! Sure. Feel what feels good, go there.

which leads me back here to this blog where i hoped to fight off being a snacc with snark.

lolz, i told yuuuu: feel what feels good.

we’re fine


Me pretending like WFH isolation isn’t affecting my everyday choices.

interrupted reading.jpg

My shopping list consists of
cookie dough and penne bc
I’m baking to cope with this life right now, and
I’m seemingly plate for plate on pasta as I watch The Sopranos.

I feel like Sophia Loren. jk jk.

Carm’s nails are giving me life and freaking me out: my chaos will ensue the damn second one of my nails break.

well said


“Unconsciously, probably, I was painting the loneliness of a large city.”

– Hopper of Nighthawks


2019%2F04%2F23%2F4a%2F902c844fee6840d7b2bc2ca35a1c7d36.d1d09.jpg%2F1200x630 (1).jpg

I’m going to change the password for my HBOnow account in about six minutes.