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I actually think this is the longest week ever. And Monday was a holiday.

summer night

munch voice

Munch exhibited an earlier version of this work, “The Voice / Summer Night,” in 1893 to accompany a series called “The Frieze of Life.”

This nonchalant beauty in the foreground? Milly Thaulow, Munch’s cousin’s wife, who took his virginity at 22. YEESH, I bet Munch’s family get togethers were awkward as hell. Explains why she looks sinful as all get out though. Get it, girl!



This guy Gray Malin designed and arranged one thousand inner tubes in a Spanish pool. This will be about the one time I’m alright with a day hat, as long as it comes with that beautiful drink.

Weeping Woman 1937 Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Accepted by HM Government in lieu of tax with additional payment (Grant-in-Aid) made with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the Art Fund and the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1987

I feel a similar wretchedness when I think of anything to do with tomorrow being Monday.

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cube 1 cubes

This Dutch duo Lernert & Sanert cut 98 different foods into one inch cubes. I’m only thinking that whatever knives they’re using must be the sharpest things in the world.

You can’t actually distinguish the inside of a coconut from a radish, but your friends will think you can when you memorize the cheat sheet.

make my day


Won’t this just be the best show ever, ever, ever?



Can I go back to bed yet? And have it be the weekend? Great.

mother’s day

mary cassatt

Happy Mother’s Day to all those bodacious babes out there.

bachelorette party


Go ahead, Sharpie, hire me. 

rush hr


This loose watercolor gives you a glimpse of my life right now. Except I’m not some roadside spectator, but the impatient violet sedan.