yoooo, new year, same me. xo

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I learned recently the word “rejuvenate” means to make young again. When I said that aloud, a student said, “I think you probably already knew that,” like I had just given myself a full high-five for knowing my own name and understanding root phrases.

But think carefully.

When was the last time you leaned into what really took your breath into the next suspended moment.

Does it look like what you want? How you want it? Why or why not?

Inhale means to breathe air into (another bomb translation I learned from Google, TYVM). But like, if I may invite you since like…well, you’re reading this far, right?…may I invite you to think a little bit more meanifully (creatively, with critique, with careful observation) the how’s and what’s and why’s about your days and start to imagine the faux and the mms and the why nots instead.

See you soon.

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