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I’m gonna go ahead and say that this plate of lemons, painted by Vincent van Gogh, isn’t what everyone is talking about right now.

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hey, ear this!

van gogh ear.jpg

This is an ear, grown with cells from Vincent van Gogh’s descendant’s cartilage. This very well may be the coolest thing generated on a Tuesday. Though that’s not really saying much, because the only thing I generated was being ten minutes late to work (thanks, snooze!).


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Girl, here are some more revelations for your mind to explode about:
– The Titanic? It sank.
– Stoplights have three colors: red, yellow, and green
– Squares have four sides
– I’m hungry.

Great. Huffington Post, let me know when you need me to be hired. See, unlike Priscilla here, I know to capitalize “Vincent” and not “van.”

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can’t hold a candle.

van gogh chair.jpg

Vincent van Gogh was, like, super famous for writing letters to friends and his brother Theo. (The Vincent van Gogh Letter Project has more than 900 letters either sent or received by van Gogh.)

He once wrote about a fable where a moth is drawn to a candle, only to burn its wings. So he complains like a little baby and flees. The candle then dwindles down to nothing, only to say,

‘You unjustly reproached me, while I loved you in silence. Now I die, adieu, fly to your other loves.’

Van Gogh, of course, compares the candle to a woman, and the moth to a man. He asks his friend, Anthon Rappard:

Viewed thus, men don’t play a very noble role — well, but that is in fact the case.

NO DUH. I mean, hello, you had me at fleeing like a baby when it burns its wings against a very hot predator woman candle. It’s a tough world, lads. But Sweet Jesus if I’ll be that desperate to loving in silence; I’ll just angry text for a day and then ghost.

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red vineyard

red vineyard

This painting is supposedly the only one Vincent van Gogh ever sold. Anna Boch, a painter herself, purchased it for 400 francs in 1888. When you go to Russia for the World Cup in 2018, you can check this beauty out at Moscow’s Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

Vincent used oil on burlap. Take that, Martha Stewart! Your take on the fabric for country-rustic stenciled curtains and high-backed chairs now bores me permanently.

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