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battle of the pauls


Not to be redundant, but Paul Cezanne’s Still Life with Fruit Dish makes its appearance in Paul Gauguin’s Woman in front of a Still Life by Cezanne. I know what you’re thinking: WOW, Gauguin, super original.

A few things I absolutely hate about this work (surprise, surprise)…

1. Knife: Why does it look like it’s floating!? Worst.

2. Signature: Gauguin does a pretty rude move where he signs the white border of the Cezanne work. Like, are you serious, Gauguin? Way to take credit for a work you didn’t actually create with that borrowed background! Lucky us, though, since we get to interpret the signature as witness (a la Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding Portrait) or as a self-important chump (a la Duchamp’s urinal). Personally, I’m going with latter.

3. Ownership: Gauguin once said that he would never sell this Cezanne without “direst necessity.” But guess what?! He later sold it to pay for medical treatment in Tahiti…something to do with syphilis, perhaps? (I ignore ALL dental analysis theories; don’t you dare rain on my parade, science!)

4. That WAIST: Mainly since I’m damn jealous. You can keep your hate-filled glare, though, girl. I’m not about that.

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is it december yet?


Sometimes art is a ridiculously well-created card. Who needs Christmas?! I want these for every Cezanne…do you get it? Like SEASON, GUYS.

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c is for cezanne

cookie monster cezanne

Cookie Monster visited the Guggenheim, and other museums in New York, earlier this week. This makes me realize I am genuinely sick and tired of people beating me to the punch on great ideas. Just GENUINELY.

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record breaking awful

when will you marry

I feel you, ladies. Your indifferent emotions are my whole life right now.

There is actually nothing, nothing nice to say about this. Gauguin’s “When Will You Marry?” has reportedly fetched a whopping, and I mean whopping, $300 MILLION.

Sotheby’s is neither confirming nor denying the report that the Qatari government purchased the work from a retired Swiss exec. Qatar also reportedly bought Cezanne’s Card Players for a cool $267 million in 2011.

Gauguin visited Tahiti twice. From the Guardian:

His first trip was in 1891 after becoming estranged from his wife and was facing financial difficulties given the unpopularity of his art.

Let’s go ahead and bring back said unpopularity, shall we?  Shame if anything were to happen to the painting while it’s here in DC this year. It’s happened before, and it wasn’t even me! See the story here.

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madame cezanne

cezanne wife

To celebrate the “Madame Cezanne” exhibit that opens at the Met today, I looked into their marital bliss…or lack thereof, apparently. Turns out that Paul Cezanne didn’t leave his wife anything in their will, and instead left it all to his son. Guess I need to add a new surname to my list of “Hated Pauls in Art History.” You’re in good company with that Gauguin clown, Cezanne.

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let’s be real


While I am ALL FOR bottomless pitchers for brunch (but like, where can I get that china?!), there just aren’t enough crumpled linens and tapestries at my normal Saturday eateries.



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