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little dancer

dancer fourteen

The Kennedy Center debuts a new musical called “Little Dancer” this weekend to coincide with a new Degas exhibition. Critics once called the sculpture “heinous” (read my entire post here).

From ugly to inspiring a high-end musical? Get it, girl! You’re one more double-take away from getting on one of those “Once a geek, now I’m chic!” shows.

gehry for vuitton

gehry3 gehry2 gehry1


Sometimes art is a Louis Vuitton case designed by architect Frank Gehry. He’s a part of the newest collection, “Icon and the Iconoclasts,” and joins the likes of Cindy Sherman, Christian Louboutin, and others of designing some absolutely mesmerizing pieces.

Can I have one? Pleeeeease??

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gauguin: an erotic life

mowll mathews

It’s not news that I have a deep, loathing hatred of Paul Gauguin. Like, hate. But there are moments that I’m like, “You know? Maybe it’s bad karma,” so I’ll investigate for an article of a biographer who may happen to see the good in Gauguin. I uncovered an old interview of Nancy Mowll Mathews, author of “Paul Gauguin: An Erotic Life.”

When asked if she could ever be interested in Gauguin:

Gauguin was in fact a bully and an abusive husband…I began seeing how unpopular he was during his lifetime. How his habits were so in-your-face in a sexual way. Could I be attracted to Gauguin? Yes. I think he was a terribly charismatic person. I think he was very seductive when he wanted to be. I think everyone would have succumbed to his charms, particularly a young person. I kind of doubt it at this point of my life — you meet people like that and you think, “Yeah. Yeah. Right.” If you were young and this person were as colorful and intriguing as he was, I could see why people liked him.”

Um, gross. And unconvincing. And well, just traditionally expected at this point. Gauguin, you continue to be the worst.



the pin up


Sometimes art is a photograph of Zoe Mozert painting Jane Russell for The Outlaw poster.

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50 shades of schiele


But ACTUALLY, how much does Jamie Dornan look like Egon Schiele?!!


spectacular hats

Mallory Ortberg is actually like my Winged Nike of Samothrace. But with a head. And a beautiful, hilarious brain.


oh you do go on
tell me what else you like about my hat



so many places to wear the hat
so many enemies to show up



i don’t need to smile with a hat like this



the hat was dyed in the blood of other, lesser hats



you had me at moth pharoah

vladimir8 vladimir9


Sometimes art is a series of GIFs by Serbia-born, Denmark-based artist Vladimir Stankovic. I love these. Moth Pharoah?! Both darling and creepy. Just my style.




I made this dress for a college formal. I cried every day I made it. Bless you, Oscar de la Renta, for executing beauty and radiance in every design. This video of Carrie Bradshaw reading the Vogue in Season 6 is a beautiful tribute as well. I mean, I didn’t even line the darn thing. He’d hate it!

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interrupted reading



Someone just told her we have five more days until Friday.

cat pix

cat xray cats in a tree

eastern promises


X-rays?! Cats in a tree?! A Viggo Mortensen-type throat job a la Eastern Promises??!! Purr-fect (sorry not sorry.) See more at the “New Cats in Photography” exhibition at the Humble Arts Foundation in New York.