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I’m gonna go ahead and say that this plate of lemons, painted by Vincent van Gogh, isn’t what everyone is talking about right now.

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mistral = miserable.


Vincent van Gogh lived with Paul Gauguin in the Yellow House for about nine weeks.


If you ask me, that’s about nine too many.

During that hellacious time, Gauguin painted Mistral. The subject, Madame Ginoux, was the owner of a cafe, and is featured in multiple portraits by both artists. Doesn’t she look doggone miserable?! Cold wind, or cold dead stare from being visually confronted in a Gauguin again!? Definitely latter.

This bush looks like a face, though, right? Or does Gauguin just make me go crazy and see things that aren’t really there?

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Girl, here are some more revelations for your mind to explode about:
– The Titanic? It sank.
– Stoplights have three colors: red, yellow, and green
– Squares have four sides
– I’m hungry.

Great. Huffington Post, let me know when you need me to be hired. See, unlike Priscilla here, I know to capitalize “Vincent” and not “van.”

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Vincent van Gogh painted these shoes in 1866. Though I wouldn’t really call these the “most famous pair of shoes in modern art,” would you? Personally, I’d much rather rock these ruby slippers than grubby lace ups.rubyslippers.jpg

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keeping up with $100 million, part 1

So I’m just trying to get this straight: E! renewed Keeping Up with the Kardashians for ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. This week, I’m going to go ahead and tell you what one hundred million dollars can buy. You could purchase:

marilyn monroe dress

ONE HUNDRED Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” dresses, or…sunflowers

this Vincent van Gogh Sunflowers painting, (pssst: you’d still have $16.8 MILLION left over!), or…


nearly 3 (!!!) of these Badminton Cabinets that went for $36 MILLION in 2004.

I don’t know, but ALL of these sound right up Ryan Seacrest’s alley….amiright?


les arènes

van gogh party


Vincent van Gogh painted this from memory of a bullfight. Within weeks of painting this, van Gogh had cut part of his ear. I feel similarly about large crowds.


vase with daisies and poppies

van gogh daisies


So, if you have between $30 and $50 million, this van Gogh could be yours when it goes on the auction block November 4th. I’ll extend the same offer I made to anyone who stepped forward to save Detroit’s art collection — call me.

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vincent as a play

vincent playbill

Huffington Post created a faux playbill to accompany the news of a Vincent musical coming out next year. I’m surprised and yet, quite relieved, Paul Gauguin was only mentioned once in this song lineup. Though “‘Twas a Super Starry Night” and “Goodbye Ear-l” as songs in the mix? Groan, I’d almost trade ’em in for more Gauguin mentions. Hey, I said almost.

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Which one would you rather have? The yellow one? Or the one underneath it?

van gogh sunflowers

gauguin sunflowers 1

If you picked the yellow one, congratulations! It’s van Gogh’s Sunflowers. If you chose the one underneath it, take your Gauguin and get out of my life.

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make it to me

worn out
My phone’ll feel this way if I play one more Sam Smith song today.

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