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Frida Kahlo’s Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird can be found at the University of Texas in Austin, thanks to Nickolas Muray. What might surprise you is, Muray and Kahlo had an affair that lasted ten years (TEN YEARS!), and this was painted at the end of it, in 1940.

Muray wanted to marry her…and she paints this.

Welp, I’ll hand it to you, Frida! I’ll be sure to send this to all my no-longer-attractive Bumble matches…and there’s a lot of them. That’ll send the right message!

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frida to marty


Holy moly, have you read this poem?! “Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell” is probably the best poem I’ve read since “Sick” by Shel Silverstein. It makes me realize that A.) even though Kahlo didn’t actually write this letter, that B.) I don’t care. It’s still the most delicious thing lately.

you have an apartment just your size. a bathtub full of tea. a heart the size of Arizona, but not nearly so arid.

I will definitely say that I’m going to be moving soon, and this aforementioned apartment isn’t nearly big enough.


paper dolls

pollock doll

Does this Jackson Pollock paper doll also come with the wrecked car from the accident that killed him and his girlfriend’s friend? I see the whiskey bottle and lowball glass, so I appreciate the artist’s use of foreshadowing.


More importantly, like how hot does Frida look as a paper doll?!

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draw, paint, and print


There’s a whole LIST on the back of an old receipt somewhere called, “Stuff I Should Have Come Up with First, and Someone Beat Me to the Punch!” And so let’s just add Marion Deuchars to my list. She has a book called “Draw, Paint, and Print like the Great Artists.”

matisse matisse1

I mean, I’m all for Matisse. The idea of painting without the mess? I’m intrigued…but you’re saying all I need to have in my craft box is crappy construction paper and some scissors to assimilate a world-famous artist? I’ll tell you what, Marion, I went more above and beyond in my program guides when I was an underpaid intern.

frida frida1

Come on, Marion — you use Frida, for crying out loud. You’re not going to have us get hit by a bus, endure 30+ surgeries, or paint ourselves with a rented monkey? No domestic feuds with a terribly unattractive male counterpart!? Yeesh, so boring. I’ll just paint me yawning in one of these decorative frames.

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diego rivera, frida kahlo


Mexico plays today against the Netherlands, so I figured, “What the heck? Let’s post an attractive picture of Diego and Frida!”

Turns out that is much (much!!) easier said than done. Like, IMPOSSIBLE. Frida was also 20 (two zeroooo) years younger than Diego!! DANG! Have we developed a term for a male cougar?

I’m looking into it.

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