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nice try, anthro

anthro mirror

Fun fact: If I’m going to spend $2,100 dollars on a mirror, I want to look perpetually like I have no weight to lose in its reflection, not a set of CDs that were covered in spray paint.


money shower

anthro shower 1

anthro shower 2

anthro shower 3

So, I moved into a new apartment, which means that I’ve basically thrown out everything that was all nice and right with my old place, and plan to burn a bunch of money on new things.

Well, some money. I’ll just go ahead and add these $140+ shower curtains from Anthropologie onto my Amazon Wishlist…hint hint.


anthro furniture


Coralie Bed, $1,998 – $2,398 

This illustrates such a great, casual way to store your instrument after tromboning yourself to sleep.


Linen Corrigan Chair, $1,698

Hey, buddy, you better watch yourself in this house. If you start mouthing off about the paint job, guess what? Here’s a chair in your way. Yeah, you like that? Oh, what’s this? Another chair. And lurking in the next room, just biding its time? Yeah, it’s another chair.


Arlo Sofa, $3,298

Yes, put it right by my ancient tapestry. Perfect.


I’m really digging this girl’s sense of humor. I feel like we should team up (wink, wink, Liz Galvao) and write something spectacular. Read the rest of her hilarity here.

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Manet’s Monets


Manet painting Monet’s family. Say THAT five times fast. Also, I really need to venture out in a full skirt and bonnet to enjoy a leisurely Saturday with chickens. I need that like I need another Anthropologie dress, so that’s actually a goal today.

Anthro members save 15% today, so this goal’s quickly turning into a reality…now about that poultry…

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