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seafoam palace


A really cool Huffington Post article covered the Seafoam Palace in Detroit. Turns out the building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is about to be converted into a “museum of curiosities.” It was once a lumber company office building, and is slated to open next summer.

They have a Kickstarter campaign to help open their doors for workshops, classes, and more. I’m so pumped for this.

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automakers help DIA


General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all threw down a cool $26 million to help save the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum’s permanent collection.

Today’s math:

$26 million (what was given) ÷ $816 million dollars (what the DIA’s works are worth) = 3% (the proverbial drop in the bucket).

Don’t worry: The DIA is hosting a Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo exhibition next year.

That’ll reel ‘em in — here’s hoping Detroit hired Salma Hayek to sit as an installation drinking milk. You go, Frida!


the window

Henri Matisse’s “The Window” is one of more than 1,700 works in the Detroit Institute of Art’s collection that, if private collectors get their way, may go up for auction at a high-end garage sale.

I’ve already watched the “Art of the Steal,” and I know it didn’t end well for the Barnes. Here’s hoping someone with 816 million lying around can buy the works and give them back to the DIA. And then call me.

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