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in the conservatory


Edouard Manet’s In the Conservatory was exhibited in the 1879 Salon, and was surprisingly well-received by critics. (One of them even said the details were carefully drawn, and depicted the “elegance of fashionable life.”)

uh, wut.


No offense, Mme. Guillemet, but you aren’t exactly selling me on a marriage the way you avert your gaze everything away from your husband.

The pleats on this dress though?! Quite fashionable! Maybe the critics weren’t that off-base after all…

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good grief.


Guess what, everyone: Paul Gauguin’s still ruining everything.

Take this painting Faaturuma, for example. (LBH, I keep reading this as Futurama.)

The museum calls the window-like image in the background a landscape painting, and I agree (the title of the work is inscribed on its invented/imagined frame). In Tahitian, faaturuma means “overcast sky.” If you ask me, it also means “bored AF girl that scholarship might’ve confused with his teenage mistress.”

Which, on heels of Anthony Weiner’s sixty-fifth inappropriate texting relationship, sounds right up Gauguin’s alley. GROSS.

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just about


TFW my friend finds the perfect scent at Sephora.

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While some might go ahead and call this artwork by its given name Vanity, I choose to call this My Daily Routine.

Kidding. I have no need for a corset.


misdeed, indeed


This work is called After the Misdeed.

Personally, I prefer After the Missed Call.



Missing the weekend like.


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new york theater


Edward Hopper’s New York Theater is probably one of the strongest compositions I’ve seen in awhile. The lighting, the perspective, the T-strap shoes on this usherette?! I mean, come on, this is good stuff!

I think my favorite moment of this work is how perfectly the tuxedo line of her outfit matches the rich hue of the curtain. But then, I always applaud myself when I nonchalantly match my nail color to whatever I find on sale at J.Crew Factory, so…

…it’s the little things.


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When I suggest a brunch spot known for chicken and waffles, even my dog is grateful.

Let the parade begin.

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Gearing up for battle Monday. This hair though…

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Mrs_Louis_E_Raphael_b (1)

The moment when I realized I got dressed up to go on a date, only to learn the guy’s most certainly not over his ex.

What a gosh darn waste of a choker.