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new york theater


Edward Hopper’s New York Theater is probably one of the strongest compositions I’ve seen in awhile. The lighting, the perspective, the T-strap shoes on this usherette?! I mean, come on, this is good stuff!

I think my favorite moment of this work is how perfectly the tuxedo line of her outfit matches the rich hue of the curtain. But then, I always applaud myself when I nonchalantly match my nail color to whatever I find on sale at J.Crew Factory, so…

…it’s the little things.


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abt ln…

hotel room.jpg

Edward Hopper brilliantly captures my Sunday mornings: just swap that book for all the texts I sent last night to people I shouldn’t.


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night windows


Right after manicures at Paintbox, I’m going to beg my friend to go be voyeurs of this Hopper at MoMA. Night Windows (1928) presents the viewer with my goddamn worst nightmare: completely clueless about everyone being able to see into my bay window while I’m in my alluring, yet understated, pajamas.

Hopper called the triptych of lighting “a common visual sensation.” OH SURE, like it’s the lighting that’s sensational. 🍑🍑🍑

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