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le bon bock


Le Bon Bock, painted by Edouard Manet in 1873, was exhibited in the Salon the same year. Bock is a springtime lager, and is known for celebrating better times and the move from winter.

How lovely! You’re telling me that one of the works behind the shift in Impressionism also features something brewed for patio drinking?!

You can cheers this jolly fellow at the Philadelphia Museum of ArtIt’s part of the Carroll S. Tyson, Jr. Collection. Fun fact: Tyson married the granddaughter of John A. Roebling, who designed the Brooklyn Bridge. You’ll sound so smart at happy hour today!


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renoir boat.jpg

There’s a pretty gargantuan art show going on in the Netherlands right now, called TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair). It boasts an absolute ton of sales, and God willing, a solid array of eligible bachelors with money to burn.

This Renoir piece, Au Bord de L’eau, was a showcase work of a particular art dealer, Simon Dickinson. Dickinson wants to make sure you know it was owned by two of the most successful Impressionist art dealers of the time, and then left to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. More on its provenance here.

I’d describe it myself, but any time I hear the words “Philadelphia” and “art,” I get actually sick to my goddamn stomach because I think of the PEW, Barnes, and LIES.

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duchamp’s bride


The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even is an installation that took Marcel Duchamp eight years to complete. Eight?! The Sistine Chapel was done in just four, but whatever. I still like all the crazy, crazy things that are happening here.

The installation depicts the Amorous Pursuit of males and females. Said Pursuit starts with the Bride (top half of the pane), singing a song to the men below. This exchange produces vapors that are caught within the men’s balloon-like molds called Malic Molds (rhymes with phallic, of course it does). These gases then become erotic impulse of Man. There’s a beautiful blueprint of the entire installation here that includes the Milky Way, the Handler of Gravity, and the entire path the gases follow from start to finish. Ah, fate and destiny, how we need you so.

What I’m realizing looking at Duchamp’s work is, this is actually the intimate questionnaire the eHarmony doctor touts on daytime TV commercials. Found you out, Dr. Neil Warren!

It was broken during transport in 1926 (whoops), but carefully repaired. It’s on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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