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degas dancers

Why do redheads get a bad rap when they look this good in tulle?!

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me rn


The idea of going back to work has me like…


dog cassatt

Weekend inspiration. Add an outdoor beer garden and giant sunnies, and we are set.


dante? more like darn-te

rodin the kiss

Rodin’s The Kiss was from his Gates of Hell, and shows Dante’s Inferno‘s Francesca getting serious with her husband’s younger brother Paolo. They were both killed by her husband.

Scholars point to the fact their lips don’t touch in the sculpture, suggesting they were killed before it ever happened, which, HELLO?! You might as well compare that to Claire Danes waking up to see baby Leo taking the poison in Romeo and Juliet!

wait a minute…


I bet girlfriend just found out that tomorrow is only Thursday. As if that’s going to solve anything, fainting! You still have another 24 hours of it basically being a Monday.