Monthly Archives: December 2016

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Showin’ up to my New Year’s Eve house party with my date like…

12-27-2016 7-35-05 PM.png

TFW you realize you have absolutely no one to impress until approx. 11:57 on Saturday night.


There are a few things that are quite interesting about this work.

First things first, the dimensions are something crazy like, 11 by 13 inches.

But perhaps more important is how absolutely terrified this dog’s owner is of her craftsmanship. And let’s be honest, I’ve seen this look before any time I try and take up knitting anything but simple rectangles.


Yikes. I hope your Christmas wasn’t nearly as creepy as this lurking Santa.

And the elves!

The two in the bottom corner ESPECIALLY.

tick tick tick.


Waiting for the weekend like…