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alternate histories

alternatehistories alternatehistories1

Over the weekend, I elbowed through hipster crowds in this unusual late-September heat to view pretzel earrings and graphic tees at Crafty Bastard. I don’t know why there aren’t more things like this in DC. Let’s fix that, crafters!

One of my favorite stands though was Alternate Histories. A T-Rex in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus? A dinosaur interrupting the serenity of The Grande Jatte? Sign me up. Turns out this guy also has a book coming out in October. I mean, you already know how I feel about an altered Venus

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uh, yes

versace 1
I feel like I should have every one of these. Like, actually though, I’ve already purchased this. See you 5 – 7 business days, classy addition to my wardrobe!

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Sometimes art is a graphic tee. Venus, girl, I hear you with that dismissive gesture! I feel the same way about overly sheer daytime looks…ladiesss.

I mean, it’s been like, ten years, since I’ve shopped at Abercrombie, but I’ll do ANYTHING in the name of art.

Though I’m actually really surprised Mike Jeffries, the company’s CEO, would put such fleshy bods on his tiny tees. Also, beware: The Google search alone for that guy is shocking.

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