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in the conservatory


Edouard Manet’s In the Conservatory was exhibited in the 1879 Salon, and was surprisingly well-received by critics. (One of them even said the details were carefully drawn, and depicted the “elegance of fashionable life.”)

uh, wut.


No offense, Mme. Guillemet, but you aren’t exactly selling me on a marriage the way you avert your gaze everything away from your husband.

The pleats on this dress though?! Quite fashionable! Maybe the critics weren’t that off-base after all…

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Jeanne Demarsy


Manet’s “Spring” fetched a whopping $65 million at auction last week. Turns out the buyer was the Getty. “Spring” was meant part of a series of women representing the seasons, but Manet only completed “Spring” and “Autumn” before he died in 1883.

manet autumn

Spring’s way hotter.

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I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to realize that a full bonnet with a polka dot veil is the way to go for Jazz at the Garden. Too long, obviously, as Jazz in the Garden ended this past weekend and I wasn’t even in town.

Renoir’s “Music in the Tuileries Gardens” was painted in 1862.

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oh manet.


Manet once said, “I would kiss you, had I the courage.” I’m guessing he tried that line out on the ladies that are leisurely sunning judging themselves on the terrace. Goodness, Manet, did that line ever work?!


a bar at the folies-bergère


Painted and exhibited at the Salon in 1882, Manet’s work examines a popular nightclub. While I could talk your ear off about the mirror, I’m more interested in that bowl of oranges.

The Folies-Bergère was a cabaret music hall and known to entertain men in a myriad of ways. Manet lets us know the bartender Suzon is…erm, on the menu…in that he presents her with a bowl of oranges.

Art historian Larry L. Ligo says Manet does this on the reg. Another scholar writes,

The barmaid is “intended to represent one of the prostitutes for which the Folies-Bergère was well-known”, who is represented “as both a salesperson and a commodity—something to be purchased along with a drink.”

Talk about a full-service bar, amiright?!

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Manet’s Monets


Manet painting Monet’s family. Say THAT five times fast. Also, I really need to venture out in a full skirt and bonnet to enjoy a leisurely Saturday with chickens. I need that like I need another Anthropologie dress, so that’s actually a goal today.

Anthro members save 15% today, so this goal’s quickly turning into a reality…now about that poultry…

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