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franz kline

franz kline

In high school, I bet Franz Kline was the kid who said, “The point is you didn’t,” as a curt reply to anything he showed during Friday’s art critique when the football moron taking the elective said, “Uh, I could do that.” I’ll also bet he put plaster gauze all over packing styrofoam to create Louise Nevelson sculptures.

I mean, that’s what I didAnd I loved it.

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death of marat


Today marks the 266th birthday of Jacques-Louis David. I almost named my dog Jacques, but I went with Omar. Sorry not sorry.

This is the Death of Marat. Marat was part of the group that wanted to execute Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette that then became the Reign of Terror in 1793. Charlotte Corday was on the other side and one of his political frenemies. She sweet-talked her way into his bathroom (the man often hung around in the tub to soothe his eczema) using a fake note of a counter-revolution. She then fatally stabbed him, hung around, was arrested, and then executed for the crime.

Way to own your actions, girl.

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for your friday


Celebrate the person you wanted to be you are this happy Friday! In other news, why didn’t I come up with these grown-up coloring pages?

hbd, oscar nitzchke!


Thanks for giving us the architectural splendor that is the Pompidou.

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roy lichtenstein

When this painting came out in 1964, Roy Lichtenstein was profiled in LIFE Magazine. The article’s subheading said, “Is He the Worst Artist of the US?”

Sleeping Girl sold at auction in 2012 for almost $45 million. So, uh, LIFE? I’m gonna go ahead and say, “Or nah.”

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hbd, peggy guggenheim!


I can’t tell what’s more regal, Pegs — that full skirt or that Calder mobile. Hope it’s a good one, lady! Read more about Peggy Guggenheim here.

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center stage will always be art

Every single thing Mallory Ortberg has written, like, already has my wit and humor. Can you let me get a word in, Mallory?! You’re just too quick for me! Like, take this whole “Scenes from Zoe Saldana Movies that have Center Stage Quotes Instead” piece. Like, get out of my head. This movie will forever have Shawshank Syndrome for me, no matter what I have going on or who I’m about to see.

Read this article in its glorious entirety here.

zoe5 zoe1 zoe2 zoe3 zoe4

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this is me.


And that house is Friday. I can see it, but it’s sooo far.

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warhol & basquiat


I am 110% about this exhibition poster of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. I will admit, there’s a little too much Bruce Jenner being channeled in Warhol’s look, but whatever. I’m in it too much to say no.

Of their relationship, Warhol’s studio assistant Ronnie Cutrone said,

It was like some crazy-art world marriage and they were the odd couple. The relationship was symbiotic. Jean-Michel thought he needed Andy’s fame, and Andy thought he needed Jean-Michel’s new blood. Jean Michel gave Andy a rebellious image again.”

Preach! I often foster the symbiotic relationship of shoes and spending money at Nordstrom Rack all on my own.

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omar and the regiment


Sometimes art is your dog joining the 14th Tennessee Regiment.