peggy guggenheim


Brace yourself. Another international family drama stews in the art world.

The Guardian reported two of Peggy Guggenheim‘s grandchildren are going against the Foundation for traduce, my new favorite word. Bai, slander.

The avid art collector, niece to Solomon Guggenheim, was able to keep her collection safe from German hands by fleeing to Paris during World War II. She designed Jackson Pollock‘s first exhibition in 1950. 

And while it’s just ANOTHER situation of pitting family members against the foundation, this post is more interesting for its movie trivia:

  • Peggy Guggenheim in 2000’s Pollock was played by the wife of Kevin Costner in Field of DreamsIf you build it, am I right?!
  • Her dad, Benjamin Guggenheim, was on the Titanic. He’s is the old man ordering a BRANDY in his FINEST SUIT when the whole darn glass ceiling caves in at the end. Spoiler: Didn’t end well. 

I digress. Here’s hoping Peggy’s collection can continue as a whole. I mean, I trust everything a woman does who can pull this look off. EVERY SINGLE THING.



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