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I don’t do drugs. I am drugs. – Salvador Dali

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I was so pumped to learn Wayne Theibaud’s Boston Cremes and Pies, Pies, Pies were a part the Crocker Art Museum collection. And then I realized that Betty Crocker isn’t actually a real person — it’s named after the California Supreme Court Justice.

betty crocker

So while I had MY MOMENT of this being in the Betty Crocker Museum, I discovered Betty Crocker’s image is as boring as you’d think it’d be. As her image changed, artists reinvented the brunette, brownie-lovin’ broad to be

“a professional woman, approachable, friendly, competent and as comfortable in the boardroom as she is in the dining room.”

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hbd, vivien leigh


Happy birthday, Vivien Leigh. Those eyebrows, that stare, is absolutely, most certainly everything I want in my life.


hbd, alicia silverstone


Happy birthday, Alicia Silverstone! Thank you for gifting us with calling someone a Monet and falling for Paul Rudd. Even now, whatta Baldwin.

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hbd, mary poppins

mary poppins

Happy birthday, Julie Andrews. I hope it’s supercalifrageli…uh, grand.

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hbd, oscar nitzchke!


Thanks for giving us the architectural splendor that is the Pompidou.

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hbd, peggy guggenheim!


I can’t tell what’s more regal, Pegs — that full skirt or that Calder mobile. Hope it’s a good one, lady! Read more about Peggy Guggenheim here.

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hbd, andy warhol


Happy birthday, Andy Warhol. I’ll crack a cold Coke, or a bunch of ’em, for you.

Fun fact: Coca Cola’s swirl, known as the Dynamic Ribbon, was part of a graphic re-design in 1969. Its design is made to look like the bottle’s contour. Snazzy!

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Marcel Duchamp takes the Mona Lisa to a whole new level.

L.H.O.O.Q in French sounds like “elle a chaud au cul.” She has a hot…well, behind. Nice, Duchamp.

Duchamp also translated the phrase as, “there is fire down below.”

Double nice, Duchamp. What would Lisa del Giocondo think about all that gossip you spreadin’?!

ALSO! Happy birthday, Duchamp!

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hbd, degas

the dance class

Huffington Post made me feel TERRIBLE this morning when it mentioned Degas celebrated his 180th birthday and I didn’t even know about it. Well, I’m going to go ahead and pretend that turning 180 years old requires two days and therefore, I am RIGHT ON TIME.

Degas is well-known for his ballerina paintings and sculptures, but he wasn’t always the popular Impressionist at school. Critics often called his work “appalling ugliness.”

His response?

“Art critic! Is that a profession? When I think we are stupid enough, we painters, to solicit those people’s compliments and to put ourselves into their hands! What shame! Should we even accept that they talk about our work?”

Preach, Degas. I feel that way when girls stare. It’s a printed maxi, ladies, and I am OWNING IT.

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