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halloween goals


“Wizard of Oz” has four of Premiere Magazine’s 100 Greatest Movie Lines. Ruby slippers were actually silver in the original book (they looked wayyy better on screen with brand-new Technicolor). Reports suggest Toto made bank compared to the Munchkins (apparently, the Lollipop Guild isn’t unionized).

Trivia aside, I simply plan to look this awed at my own gosh-darn appearance as my Halloween persona this weekend. Me and…um, the whole world.

let’s pretend


I’m going to imagine this a tableau of my weekend, where suitors will attempt to shower me with gifts, but my dog will just have NONE OF IT.



I am about to embark on every part of this woman’s journey should one more person mention the weekend in the middle of the week. I’m talking full on chainsmoking and cocktails before noon, EVERY PART.



HuffPo calls this collection of drawings a “heavenly compendium.” To me, this is the most rudimentary illustration of Frida Kahlo as a Muppet. Like, someone’s seriously panning this to be a part of a feminist coloring book? Please. And that girl sending you selfies while out of town is “just a friend.”

dive in


How much do you bet that bystander’s whispering, bellyflop, bellyflop???

Corday all day 

Bet you anything Marat told Charlotte Corday tomorrow was Monday. Juuusssttttt before getting stabbed to death.

all of the monets

monet haystack

In about a year and a half, Monet painted more than thirty paintings of haystacks. He basically wrote his friend Gustave, “The struggle is real” about following the sun around his French pasture. He exhibited Haystacks as a series for the first time in 1891.

30 years ago, Monet’s “Haystack in the Fog” went up for auction, and went for 2.2 million (about 4.8 today). That’s a solid 1,600 times what it was originally sold for in 1982, when Harris Whittemore snatched it up while on his honeymoon. His father wrote:

“Should you make the purchase, we will have more of the Monets than I think we will care for, but it strikes me we can sell some of those we now have, and thereby greatly improve our collection.”

Righteous, Harris. I’m all about flashing that disposable income on vacation.