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Andy Warhol is a genius. An all-out genius.

1, 2, 3 graces

three graces

I bet the one on the right is just stomping her size 10 foot, saying, “Get it together, ladies! It’s one, TWO, one, TWO!” Just like my spin instructor (but is the left foot one, or two? I NEVER KNOW!).


san fran

As I pack for my California vacation, I’m just going to keep this look in mind.

patrick nagel


Like, hello?! I can’t get over the fact that Patrick Nagel exists, let alone that I am just learning about him. Like, every single nail salon I’ve ever spent an exorbitant amount of money in has had some airbrushed beauty that gives a death stare under beautiful bangs — every single one! And now I know just who to thank for my gel manicure addition.




I bet this guy’s thinking, “Somewhere out there, is Friday.”

diet reminders


Let this painting be a reminder to incorporate more fruit in my diet this week. Oh! Don’t forget¬†wine. And plenty (plenty!) of¬†ladyfingers.