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When I make date plans, with every intention of ghosting.


Family discussions ’round the cheese board:

Me:  “It’s one, 6 ounce serving.”

Mom:  “It’s six, 1 ounce servings.”

Me:  “Oh…”

I’m no Miss Cleo, but this is probz how the rest of the holiday season will go.


renoir + satc.


This reminds me of when Samantha orders hot water with lemon before she does that photo shoot. And then orders delivery once her photo’s framed.

I’m gonna skip the diet + go straight to the take out, if you don’t mind.




Just kidding. I’m on vacation.

Though, let’s be real, these are still ideal vacation vibes.

buffet’s buffet.


Bernard Buffet’s signature is like, all of my handwriting goals here.



Picasso’s baby mama Françoise Gilot painted this portrait of Genevieve Laporte, his later girlfriend.

Super awkward, right?

Though I am a major fan of this turtleneck/layered necklace look, even if she seems a teensy bit like Judy Jetson.

glass + apples.


I love this.

Genuinely. Love. This.


Electoral College got me like.

girls on the bridge


During Sotheby’s Munch sale last night, Girls on the Bridge sold for $54 million. This baby price tag makes is the second most expensive Munch work, after The Scream fetched just under $120 millz.

Impress friends: The Scream set the record of being the most expensive painting ever sold at auction, which has now been broken four times. (Picasso’s Women of Algiers takes the cake on that from its sale last year.)

Au Bois < Oh, Boy!


I was really, really feeling this painting’s vibes…and then I did a bit more research.

Turns out Kees van Dongen’s Au Bois de Boulonge is about a prostitute approaching her customer to discuss their, uh, terms of service.

In a park.

During daylight hours.

nvm re: vibes.

(Love the cerulean dress though!)