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Pierre Bonnard, (1867-1947). Marthe and the Dog, Black 1905.jpg

Up next on “Art I Can’t Afford”: Pierre Bonnard’s Marthe and Black, the Dog.

First of all, I love that this dog is staring up at Bonnard’s wife from a gosh darn chaise. Turns out Bonnard painted the family dog a bunch, and I’m a huge fan. My dog is just about as important as the air I breathe, even though he’s a hot mess on a leash and takes up half the bed.

He’s 15 pounds.

pay day


There’s a pretty large Impressionist + Modern Art Day Sale at Sotheby’s tomorrow. The 15th is also pay day. So, although I should probably think more about paying bills on time and less on art I can’t afford, I’m gonna do it anyway.

First up, Henri Le Sidaner’s La Table Devant La Fenetre, Neige (“Table Before Window, Snow”). I mean, it’s nice, but HELLO, HENRI. It’s WINTER OUT THERE and the WINDOW IS OPEN.

I’m not paying $400,000 for this nonsense. I’d be freezing just looking at it.

108 years.


The scariest, most sensational, heart-pounding ten innings of my life.

All my love, Cubbies.


A girl could get used to this.