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When I suggest a brunch spot known for chicken and waffles, even my dog is grateful.

Let the parade begin.

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aycd mimos


I have every intention of rocking brunch this weekend, but instead of this cute flapper fashion and TEA, for crying out loud, I’m gonna go with a blow out and just pitchers of mimosas.

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not complex


Are we sure Napoleon has Napoleonic complex? The lavish furs, golden laurel, oversize scepter…just put five cocktails and an Eggs Chesapeake in front of this guy and he seems like my next Bumble date. After this work week, my standards are low as hell. No, actually, 5’6″ el-oh-double-u.

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go on


“No, please, continue to describe at length your social calendar from which I am conspicuously absent.”

No, Lisa, really. I’m dying to know about how you’ll be trekking to a bottomless mimo brunch in this goddamn snowstorm. I’m sure it will be snow much fun, which girl, yes! Use that as your Snap Story caption with, like, all the sparkles and champs emojis.

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let’s be real


While I am ALL FOR bottomless pitchers for brunch (but like, where can I get that china?!), there just aren’t enough crumpled linens and tapestries at my normal Saturday eateries.



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