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Degas’ work L’Absinthe was legitimately booed when it put on display in 1892.

I’m more fascinated at the reaction of the woman (Ellen Andree). She must’ve found out that yet another Impressionist painter features her drinking. (She’s also in Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party, on display rn at the Phillips Collection.)

Girl, I hear you. I don’t need a reputation like that, either! It’s why I skipped out on the work happy hour last week–I’ve done enough drinking in public to last a lifetime.

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I went to the Phillips Collection yesterday, and saw this beautiful work by Paul Gauguin. The Ham, from 1889, presents us with a portion size that’s absolutely acceptable, a handful of small onions, and a glass of wine that begs to be topped off.

Gaugin continues to be one of the most stunning users of color in the Post-Impressionist field. What he generated with bright, flat planes of color continues to be an inspiration to viewers and artists alike. The torture Gauguin must’ve felt on his endless quest for the Edenic primitivism cost him so much that we ought to…

…oh God, the horror. I CAN’T DO IT. This April Fool’s joke ends HERE AND NOW.

Gauguin was known to have said, “Let’s do a Cezanne.” Again with the originality, argued here, sir! I’m endlessly impressed, truly.



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jeanne samary


Jeanne Samary looks born ready for Friday, doesn’t she? Turns out she used to go out with Renoir, who painted her post-break up in the Luncheon of the Boating Party that you can see at the Phillips Collection in DC. She’s the one being a major flirt with the two men at the back. And Renoir’s new girlfriend is playing with the dog. Whaaaa?! Renoir, you so crazy!

boating party

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eliza rathbone

eliza rathbone

Being in Washington, DC, I’m pretty used to walking into museums and walking straight out just because they’re free. But sometimes, when I’m feeling like money is no object (which seems to occur one business day after the 15th and 30th of each month…), I do swanky, suave things like unnecessary online shopping and paying admission.

No, but really: One of my most favorite destinations in our nation’s capital is the Phillips Collection. Turns out their Chief Curator stepped down earlier this week — Eliza Rathbone, pictured above, said the following in response to announcing a successor:

No; I don’t think the museum is looking to hire a chief curator, per se…the Phillips is well prepared to carry on with wonderful shows, and I’ll be very much involved in its future—just in a slightly new capacity.

Coy, ‘Liza. You know I’m just gonna go ahead and wait for my phone call.

boating party

Read more about the Phillips’ darling, Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party, here.

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hidden picasso

It surfaced (resurfaced?) in the news earlier this week that the Phillips Collection performed some infrared scans on Picasso’s “The Blue Room” and found another painting of a man underneath it.

People are so excited about finding this work. I feel like all of the art world is like, “Picasso repeating a canvas?! No WAY.”

Please, you know who the real hero is for repeating a look? KATE MIDDLETON. That girl can rock a Zara or McQueen frock like no one I know.

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caturday at the phillips

Two cats, Fiona and Bazooka, used to live at the Phillips Collection
Pierre Bonnard helped established the post-Impressionist group “Les Nabis,” meaning prophet. Their mission? Spreading the word of Paul Gauguin.

Sorry world.

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