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ursula nordstrom


So we’re clear (and sorry, Mom), I’ve made up my mind to just cover my arms in children book’s characters. And apparently, I have Ursula Nordstrom to thank. She’s the editor behind Where the Wild Things Are‘s Maurice Sendak, The Giving Tree‘s Shel Silverstein, and Goodnight Moon‘s Margaret Wise Brown.

At this point, Nordstrom’s portrait will be prominently displayed on my forearm, along with Harold’s purple crayon and Max in a wolf costume…I’m still debating the bowl full of mush.


Just kidding…this is so bad ass.

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just 12.


This girl’s 12 tattoos away from looking just like me on a casual Saturday night. Well, my eyebrow game is better, and I’m not that showy about that cleave…but hell, it’s almost my birthday, so why not.

What’s awesome is that Amedeo Modigliani was an exclusive bastard in Paris, and hung out with the likes of Picasso and Diego Rivera. Ugh, gross, there’d be just them and me left in the world and I’d still swipe left on that.

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let’s be frank


Courbet’s “The Desperate Man” gets inked, thanks to Nicolas Amiard. This is actually the man I want to date. Perhaps a dash less of looking absolutely coked out, but definitely digging this hair length and loose layers. I’d even keep the face tattoo. Maybe.

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