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so modest

0563A_ 013

Believe it or not, this is an allegory of “Modesty.” It was carved by Antonio Corradini in 1750, two years before his death. People aren’t sure about his exact birthday, so I’ll guess he was in his sixties at the time of this work.

GOOD. I was really getting tired of seeing exceptional sculptures created by BABY BOYS (Michelangelo was like, six, when he carved Pieta; Bernini was maybe a toddler when he carved the Rape of Europa, here).

Though I will most certainly applaud Corradini’s take on modesty. Gives a good argument to anyone trying to challenge business casual with short skirts and high boots.

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blessed ludovica

bernini marble ludovica

Bernini’s always doing too much. I mean, really. This funerary monument is for a pious Ludovica Albertoni. And just look at her. Give it up for Bernini — watch him do the most.
Read, “ooh,” and “ahh” to Bernini’s other works here and here.




Apollo just told Daphne it’s a school night. Ugh, Apollo! You RUIN EVERYTHING.

Curious about the story of how these two got together? Well, she started off being a housekeeper for Apollo’s brother. After a few seasons of will-they-or-won’t-they, they finally gave it go. I think they even got married by the end of the series!

Oh, shoot. I’m thinking of Frasier and Daphne. My mistake.

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bernini’s a show off

saint longinus

Bernini sculpted Saint Longinus when he was 32. Thirty-two! Look at that drapery! Good gravy. I can barely make that happen with cotton on a sewing machine, and I am a PRO at a simple gather.

According to medieval folklore, Longinus was a blind Roman who put the spear in Christ’s side, but was healed with his blood. His lance is in one of the four pillars above the altar in Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Make all of your accomplishments seem feeble when you compare them to Bernini here.


ugh, sunday


Sure, Bernini, I know this is supposed to be Poseidon taking Persephone into the underworld, but in reality, it’s Monday…coming for us all. You go, Persephone, put up that fight!

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My EXACT feelings when I think of Tuesdays. I mean, they’re still closer to the past weekend than the upcoming one. Go ahead and be a Monday, why don’t you.

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Are you feeling relatively accomplished today after the weekend? Maybe you completed a memo, maybe you marble-painted your nails, maybe you even had time this morning to pick up Starbucks for the boss and had time to swing by the dry cleaners. Bravo, fine readers!

Welp, I’m about to blow all that self-pride and relative worth out the darn window when I tell you that Bernini made this fleshy thigh (belonging to Persephone) out of MARBLE at the age of twenty-three.

Right. Forget the dry cleaning. I’m feeling worthless.

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