Michelangelo carved the Pieta at 24. Now, plenty of people have done VERY successful things in their mid-twenties, but let’s be real, Michelangelo blows the doors off all those featured in “30 under 30.” What the hell is Clinkle compared to significant religious iconography?!

In fact, the piece was was so damn good, people didn’t even believe it was his. Michelangelo overheard visitors gawking and incredulous about the work—they thought it was made by another (more accomplished) sculptor, Solari.

So, PISSED and rightfully so, Michelangelo carved his own name right on the sash in between Mary’s breasts. It was the only work he ever signed.

People hated on the Pieta well after the Renaissance. Someone in the 70s climbed on her and screamed, “I am Jesus Christ!” while hacking away at her with a hammer. She suffered damage and a nose job. She’s now behind bulletproof glass in a totally different spot from her original location in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Thanks for ruining the fun for all of us, Lazlo Toth. Pieta is Italian for “pity,” and now I know WHY.

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