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botticelli hair 1 botticelli hair


Ladies, we’ve been doing it wrong! Let’s bring back hair braids that wrap around our bodies and chokers that are actually entwined with our updo! Don’t think I don’t see those pearls in those middle parts either.

Paired with messy ends and minimal make up? I think we’ve found the new perfect brunch look.


west coast

botticelli boy


Botticelli’s all about West Coast bein’ the Best Coast.



judith botticelli

Like, Judith doesn’t even care about the idea of a 5 day work week. She’s only about that billowed drapery.





Sometimes art is a graphic tee. Venus, girl, I hear you with that dismissive gesture! I feel the same way about overly sheer daytime looks…ladiesss.

I mean, it’s been like, ten years, since I’ve shopped at Abercrombie, but I’ll do ANYTHING in the name of art.

Though I’m actually really surprised Mike Jeffries, the company’s CEO, would put such fleshy bods on his tiny tees. Also, beware: The Google search alone for that guy is shocking.

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