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roy lichtenstein

When this painting came out in 1964, Roy Lichtenstein was profiled in LIFE Magazine. The article’s subheading said, “Is He the Worst Artist of the US?”

Sleeping Girl sold at auction in 2012 for almost $45 million. So, uh, LIFE? I’m gonna go ahead and say, “Or nah.”

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tom wesselmann

CSL35 0015

So, Tom Wesselmann‘s retrospective opened last week at the Denver Art Museum. ¬†Wesselmann’s considered a part of the Pop Art movement, but when collectors talked to him about Lichtenstein’s work in the 60s, he saw no similarities (insert loud laugh-crying emoji here…)

I mean, SURE, Tom, I appreciate your use of everyday objects as a part of the composition > critique on consumerism, but sheesh…you see no overlapping qualities?!

wesselmann 2

wesselmann warhol
Still Life with Portrait from 'Six Still Lifes' 1974 by Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997

From top: Wesselmann, Warhol’s soup can, Lichtenstein’s still life.

Never mind, Wesselmann, you’re right. Totally separate thing going on…

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