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rock well, rockwell, pt. 2


I found some more Norman Rockwell paintings that celebrate baseball.

Can you imagine if he’d seen how well the Cubs are playing this season?

Well, not the last week. My mom gets ESPN’s push notifications, and she was NOT PLEASED with this past week.

Step up, Cubbies!

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go horse

rockwell football


Sometimes art is prepping for football, whether that’s making gluten-free cornbread for your chili, or stitching up your fellow ginger’s jersey. Whatever it may be, I hope you plan to wear those victory curls and saddle shoes. Because I definitely do.

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U – S – A

Sometimes art is a patriotic soccer game.

America is starting Graham Zusi and not Kyle Beckerman against Belgium today.

Translation? USMNT is making my soccer crush decision for me.

graham zusi

kyle beckerman 1

Don’t worry, Kyle. It’ll be like a Jack and Rose thing, I’ll never let go.

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diego rivera, frida kahlo


Mexico plays today against the Netherlands, so I figured, “What the heck? Let’s post an attractive picture of Diego and Frida!”

Turns out that is much (much!!) easier said than done. Like, IMPOSSIBLE. Frida was also 20 (two zeroooo) years younger than Diego!! DANG! Have we developed a term for a male cougar?

I’m looking into it.

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suarez, suarez


Sometimes art is a bite that repeats itself. And YES, this is an artful SPORTS POST because look at those ESPN graphics!

Click here to see the Vine of today’s bite outta Italy (thanks, Mirror Football!)

ESPN article profiles Luis Suarez, saying, “No soccer player in the world provokes such a strong emotional response as Liverpool’s striker, with less of an understanding of what lurks beneath the surface.”

I’m more intrigued at the quote from the Toronto Star: “He will do something insane at this summer’s World Cup — mark it down… Eventually, he’ll punch a baby.” Um, excuse me, Cathal Kelly? You lost a bet somewhere in a Canadian sports bar because he bit someone and NOT A BABY.

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Sorry, Emma Allen, but I think we all know the real works of art in World Cup are Kyle Beckerman’s beautiful dreads.

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