gauguin: an erotic life

mowll mathews

It’s not news that I have a deep, loathing hatred of Paul Gauguin. Like, hate. But there are moments that I’m like, “You know? Maybe it’s bad karma,” so I’ll investigate for an article of a biographer who may happen to see the good in Gauguin. I uncovered an old interview of Nancy Mowll Mathews, author of “Paul Gauguin: An Erotic Life.”

When asked if she could ever be interested in Gauguin:

Gauguin was in fact a bully and an abusive husband…I began seeing how unpopular he was during his lifetime. How his habits were so in-your-face in a sexual way. Could I be attracted to Gauguin? Yes. I think he was a terribly charismatic person. I think he was very seductive when he wanted to be. I think everyone would have succumbed to his charms, particularly a young person. I kind of doubt it at this point of my life — you meet people like that and you think, “Yeah. Yeah. Right.” If you were young and this person were as colorful and intriguing as he was, I could see why people liked him.”

Um, gross. And unconvincing. And well, just traditionally expected at this point. Gauguin, you continue to be the worst.


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