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I made this dress for a college formal. I cried every day I made it. Bless you, Oscar de la Renta, for executing beauty and radiance in every design. This video of Carrie Bradshaw reading the Vogue in Season 6 is a beautiful tribute as well. I mean, I didn’t even line the darn thing. He’d hate it!

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girl arranging her hair


There’s actually nothing better than an exposed collarbone. Nothing. Bonus points on her being a redhead (ignore what I said in my last post).

Degas had once asked, “What do women know about style?” to Cassatt, and this painting was her retaliation. Do you think Degas just said, “As I thought, NOTHING!”

No matter, Degas had this work in his studio. He then sold it to Louisine Haverney, a major suffragette who co-founded the National Women’s Party (she once tried to set an effigy of Woodrow Wilson on fire in front of the White House —  😯 😯 😯

The painting was then a part of the Chester Dale collection — ah yes, our 1960s Kevin McCallister — before joining the NGA collection.

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