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I’m going to change the password for my HBOnow account in about six minutes.



The /moment/ I give up carbs.


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Raft of the Medusa


In APES**T, The Raft of the Medusa is above Jay Z as he brutally slams any sort of data the Grammys has with ticket sales. AND HOW! The Louvre is such a permanent staple of art and Western European historical and cultural narrative, it’d make some RIGHTEOUS WAVES for the most nonchalant takeover for OTR III.

This painting is textbook France Romanticism, but its subject is a dumpster fire narrative (a bunch of people died after a boat sank, and this haphazard raft nearly sinks in its aftermath). What’s more, Gericault didn’t even get commissioned to create the work. Is there a connection between discredited/disproportionately compensated artists and their message of conspicuous consumption by flailing and failing organizations?

Maybe, but I think the comparison (invented wins vs. selling out vs. selling out for invented wins) is really interesting.

Other musings: TUN will play on Alexa Spotify long after your phone dies. My hair’s a miracle in this blowout pony. I’d show you but…dead phone, remember?


Here’s the list I’ve made in the past five minutes, scrolling through dating apps while my mom does the crossword in New York Times Magazine.

– No cats.
– No solidarity filters.
– No mirrors.
– No boats/fishing photos.
– No wildlife.
– No gym mirrors.
– No “it looks like you married to the bride” photos

It’s exhausting, honestly.


When not one ex, but two exes, appear in my Bumble feed.


Yep, I think this accurately defines my motivation for the week.



I worked at a pet store when I was in high school (a very “Mom and Pop”-type place, tucked in a strip mall between Jewel-Osco and a Burlington).


Those macaws would rip my goddamn knuckles apart any/every time I’d put food and water in (note: spare me your PETA rants, plz; I get they were miserable in their surroundings, etc.).

What I’m saying is, my fear of these birds is so irrational from all that, that when I see this picture, I’m just in awe of…
a.) this girl’s mane,
b.) her coy nature slash TOTAL COOL WITH THIS BIRD.


I am in love with this work just on the girl’s POUT and JAWLINE ALONE.