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woman drawing

Something tells me Marie-Denise Villers just found out today’s Monday.




My EXACT feelings when I think of Tuesdays. I mean, they’re still closer to the past weekend than the upcoming one. Go ahead and be a Monday, why don’t you.

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josephine baker


Welcome to something I’m gonna call Monday’s Muse. Ha, not really. But Josephine Baker’s a major fox, so go with it.

“She’s the Nefertiti of now.” – Pablo Picasso, comparing Josephine Baker to a glamorous queen of Egypt

“The most sensational woman anybody ever saw, or ever will.” – Ernest Hemingway

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another monday


Every single emotion from all these subjects are how I feel on this particular Monday. Disgust, nostalgia, general frustration, you name it. I’m not scheduled to go to the dentist or view a Gauguin today! Ugh, Monday, you’re so terrible!

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sunday night blues

piano gauguin

Paul Gauguin, sans trousers, playing the piano.  So there IS something worse than Monday.

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