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Remember when I said Tiberio di Tito was a Florentine court painter for the Medicis? Apparently, he was heavy in that dog portraiture niche because this VIP (very important pooch, obviouslyyyy) was a major Medici.

His collar, armed with studs and points, lies next to him. On it is the Medici Family crest, a sure sign the dog was definitely something special to the family. (I hope you’re all noticing the amazing alliterations assembled in this post!) Family crests? Commissioned paintings?! And here we are, wasting time on matching leashes to harnesses when I could be custom order that set!

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medici family dogs


Why isn’t there a Shazam app that can scan a painting or work of art to tell me WHO THIS Medici Family dog walker is?! I have so many questions about the dailly responsibilities, let alone the shoes and the pocket watch accessorizing. He’s sitting in the Boboli Gardens, Florence’s Central Park.

Tiberio de Tito was a Florentine court painter, known best for his strange portraits of royal babies and dogs.

medici pair

The Gardens were designed for Eleanor of Toledo, the wife of Cosimo I de Medici, the first grand Duke of Tuscany. I feel like they’re straight out of Game of Thrones, particularly that masculine armor! Well done Bon Fatto, d’Medicis!

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