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american gothic


Guys, lighten up! It’s almost Friday! I don’t know about you, but I mean, I had a DAY OFF MONDAY and it still feels like a full blown work week! YEESH!

On a side note, Grant Wood painted American Gothic in a contest hosted by the Art Institute of Chicago in 1930. The man won third place, a cash prize of $300, and in the process, ticked off a whole bunch of Iowans. Wood said the work was an act of appreciation, saying, “I had to go to France to appreciate Iowa.”

Uh, sure. Kinda like how I appreciate my savings account by blowing it on Anthropologie sales.

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katy perry does aic

Ugh, Katy Perry visited the Art Institute of Chicago earlier this week and pretended to know everything about Surrealism and just art in general. Oh! And she captured every ounce of brilliance on her Instagram. #Oy


Perry’s caption says, “um…YES IT IS” to this painting. Well, darling, if you knew Magritte’s thinking on this work (or read this post), you’d know he’s making a representation over a physical replica. So, “NO IT’S NOT.”


Her caption for this one says, “also at @theartinstitutechi the original goths #americangothic.” OH KATY. American Gothic comes from the name of the architecture used in the background’s farmhouse. It has nothing to do with the couple (though I’m feeling those overalls).

There are even more art history mess ups on her Insta. You’ve been warned. First Mondrian, now this.

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