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major side eye

simone martini.jpg

Huzzah! The side eye’s been in use since the fourteenth century! Seriously, though, look at Mary! How straight peeved does she look at the angel announcing the Christ child?! (Though, I feel quite similarly re: pregnancy and children). With all this shade being thrown around, it’s really not surprising this is one of the most influential works in Sienese Gothic art.

This painting was done by Simone Martini and his brother-in-law Lippo. Their signatures scream, “HEY, GUYS, WE DID THIS PAINTING IN 1333!” and seem to come from the angel himself. Maybe that’s why Mary’s pissed–fellas always trying to steal her thunder.

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stolen mona


The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911. Right off the wall. Some guy named Vincenzo Peruggia hid it in a closet, then walked off with it under his smock. Two years later, he wrote a letter to the director of Florence’s Uffizi Gallery saying he had the painting. He signed the letter “Leonardo.” He didn’t want France to be celebrated for housing an Italian work.

I guess I feel that way about clothes I can’t afford, but you can’t just go around stealing the things you want, Vinny! Look at Winona (don’t worry, girl, Wino Forever).

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