joseph-etienne roulin

Vincent van Gogh painted six portraits of the Joseph-Etienne Roulin, the mailman, between July 1888 and April 1889. I mean, the man owes a few high fives and paintings to the postal service — the Letters of Vincent van Gogh surpass 900 pieces of correspondence. 

I know Roulin didn’t deliver all of them, but my goodness, let’s do the math: That’s one postman painting for every 140 letters written. 

The Barnes does a great job letting the world know their painting is “brighter and fresher” than the other versions of Roulin, and it’s the only one that’s signed. You know what, Barnes? I’m starting to get a similar opinion I have of you that I have for Gauguin. It’s not even a feeling, it’s just a low groan.

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