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suarez, suarez


Sometimes art is a bite that repeats itself. And YES, this is an artful SPORTS POST because look at those ESPN graphics!

Click here to see the Vine of today’s bite outta Italy (thanks, Mirror Football!)

ESPN article profiles Luis Suarez, saying, “No soccer player in the world provokes such a strong emotional response as Liverpool’s striker, with less of an understanding of what lurks beneath the surface.”

I’m more intrigued at the quote from the Toronto Star: “He will do something insane at this summer’s World Cup — mark it down… Eventually, he’ll punch a baby.” Um, excuse me, Cathal Kelly? You lost a bet somewhere in a Canadian sports bar because he bit someone and NOT A BABY.

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david lynch

blue velvet

Congratulations, Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts! I may just join as a member to crash the conversation with David Lynch in September! I have LOTS of questions about Blue Velvet, whether James Caan really prefers PBR over Heineken, and how he feels about that terrible Lana del Ray cover.


degas painting

According to this coloring book, you’re not really coloring like Degas until you color miserable people drinking absinthe. Your dreams of painting ballerinas are OVER, CHILDREN.

Degas’s L’Absinthe, 1876, oil on canvas, Musee d’Orsay, Paris.

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women listening to men



that is so good

that is so funny

that is so funny and good 

no I’ve never heard that before from you


ahh sorry i just

i really need to look at this matchbook right now 


Found this gem of an article today. I like everything about this. Mallory Ortberg, you are ON IT, GIRL.

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Sometimes art is an astronaut mural.

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picasso, dale, mccallister

Pablo Picasso - Madame Picasso, 1923

Picasso’s Madame Picasso was bequeathed to the National Gallery in 1983 as a part of the Chester Dale Collection.

Dale purchased the painting from Paul Rosenberg in 1930, a prominent art dealer who worked closely with Picasso and Georges Braque. Dale lived in the Plaza Hotel. Here’s hoping that every transaction ended with, “Credit Card? You’ve got it,” and that he spent $967 on room service on THE REG.

Chester Dale

Who’s living the life better — Chester Dale or Kevin McCallister? Tough call. Really tough call.

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tom wesselmann

CSL35 0015

So, Tom Wesselmann‘s retrospective opened last week at the Denver Art Museum.  Wesselmann’s considered a part of the Pop Art movement, but when collectors talked to him about Lichtenstein’s work in the 60s, he saw no similarities (insert loud laugh-crying emoji here…)

I mean, SURE, Tom, I appreciate your use of everyday objects as a part of the composition > critique on consumerism, but sheesh…you see no overlapping qualities?!

wesselmann 2

wesselmann warhol
Still Life with Portrait from 'Six Still Lifes' 1974 by Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997

From top: Wesselmann, Warhol’s soup can, Lichtenstein’s still life.

Never mind, Wesselmann, you’re right. Totally separate thing going on…

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mary cassatt at the louvre

cassatt louvre

This work is currently on display at the Degas / Cassatt exhibition at the National Gallery (I’m giving it one of those “Must Go!” Fandango ratings).

He studied the heck out of Cassatt’s pose for a variety of prints and sketches.  Degas made 20 known versions, the second largest number of studies by the artist for a work.

Degas wrote, “Her slender…figure, neatly tailored, and her crisply furled umbrella all convey to us something of Mary Cassatt’s tense, energetic character.” In other words, 19th-century ice queen. Love it, Mary!

Henry P. McIlhenny owned and donated the sketch to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Andy Warhol once said McIlhenny was “the only person in Philadelphia with glamour.”

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U – S – A

Jasper Johns. As American as baseball, Moms, and apple pie.

I believe that we will win.


interactive street art


This beautiful article captures 28 pieces of street art that truly interact with their surroundings. I love these images because some of them are so fleeting, so ephemeral, but so major.





See the full article here for locations, credits, etc.