Don’t worry, friends: Instead of cooking up any sort of resolutions (I’m sticking to bikram and copious amounts of glitter nail polish), I’m schooling you in the prestigious history of Times Square. That way, you can pull this up during the countdown and say, “LOOK WHAT I KNOW.” That’ll drive all the ladies and gents your way for that kiss, I promise.

The popular NYE destination used to be called Longacre Square, but changed when the New York Times moved into its new HQ, the Times Building in 1904. (Spoiler: they didn’t stay long, about 10 years, before moving to 43rd Street.) The ball dropping ceremony’s been in full effect since 1907, and the ball itself has been permanently affixed to the top of the building since 2009.

The first ball was made of regular light bulbs, iron, and wood. WOOD, for Pete’s sake. Only 3 balls were used between 1907 and 1996. The third ball had more than 12,000 rhinestones. Ah yes, make that one resolution: MORE RHINESTONES.

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