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TIME published an article of the Most Expensive things ever purchased, and I have to admit I totally bombed it. Here are a few things I thought I knew, but actually don’t know at all. The kicker here is, I asked my mom’s predictions about this list, and it turns out she is total comedy gold. 

Most Expensive Painting
I guessed: Giacometti’s Walking Man I, which sold for $104.1 million in 2010
My mom said: “van Gogh. Because. That ear thing.”
Actually: Picasso’s Nudes with Green Leaves and Bust

Most Expensive Lock of Hair
I guessed: Lincoln
My mom said, “I’m going with the Lindbergh baby.”
Actually: Elvis

Most Expensive Car
I guessed: Kennedy’s presidential limo
My mom said: “James Bond’s Aston Martin.”
Actually: Some Ferrari, but hello, look at how gorgeous Sean Connery is! He’s like McNulty.most3

Most Expensive Piece of Clothing
I guessed that Audrey Hepburn dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
My mom said: “That crazy Wizard of Oz costume. Or something Chanel.”
Actually: Marilyn Monroe’s dress (apparently this category doesn’t feature costumes. YEESH.)most4

The LINDBERGH BABY, MOM??! Easily the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

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