skin of his teeth

One of my favorite, I mean favorite, things to know is Paul Gauguin died alone from syphilis. Like, BOOM!, karma exists.

Turns out, some CLOWN wants to smash my joy in this knowledge. Four teeth surfaced during archaeological dig more than a decade ago, and were quickly attributed to be that of a European male. Here’s the kicker: They were buried in a well behind the site of Gauguin’s Maori-style hut, which he called “La maison du jouir”, or House of Pleasure. OY.

So, back to this clown researcher! Apparently, he or she didn’t find any traces of mercury which ALLEGEDLY means Gauguin didn’t have syphilis. Cool. Let me guess: this is when you tell me Santa isn’t real.

But here’s the kicker, part 2: An art historian gave the teeth back to the mayor of Gauguin’s final home, Atuona, at OF ALL PLACES, on board the PAUL GAUGUIN cruise ship!

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